She was born and raised in the sturdy Grison Alps of Switzerland, although Iris Hippele spent her dynamic life as a wife, mother of two sons and as a passionate textile artist in the Swiss midlands.

In her earnest strides towards solid and quality craftsmanship, Iris took consistent endeavours throughout the last forty years, resulting in diverse studies pertaining to the field of interpretative arts.
She enjoyed her formal and empirical education in the field of art in a famous art-printing studio in Zürich, Switzerland. During those times she worked hand in hand with local and international artists.
During the last twenty years, accompanied and supported by her affectionate and indispensable husband, George, she revels in the graceful Irish nature (in the Northwest of Ireland); deeply moved by the *phytotherapeutic healing powers.
This deep interest aided her in the utilization of endogenous patterns for her chosen work of art.
In concordance to the universal principles and holistic process, she believes in the entirety of humanity and all other life forms.

*Medicinal or therapeutic effects of herbal plants or plants in general.



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